Getting the job done.
Predictably. Reliably. Comfortably.

Regardless of the size of your installation, we will employ this proven process for the best possible outcome.

Follow Up
Upon project completion We will turn over all test reports and required documentation for your review, and stand by for your architects and engineers to complete their final quality checks. Once the final inspections and commissioning are performed and certificates of occupancy are awarded, we look forward to congratulating you on your grand opening.

Throughout the installation, vigilant supervision, quality control, testing and inspections ensure our work will be completed on time and within budget. Jamerson & Bauwens’ co-Presidents and Vice President serve as project managers. They’ll be in continuous communication to give you real-time status reports and peace of mind.

Once we are awarded the project, we will begin the submittal process to ensure all materials conform precisely to your drawings and specifications. We’ll also implement field coordination meetings with other AutoCAD systems. By utilizing the latest 3-D BIM technology with Navisworks clash detection, we will gain in-depth understanding of the lifecycle of your project as a whole and develop strategies to work harmoniously with adjacent and concurrent installations.

When we receive your invitation to provide a proposal, we will carefully review your project documentation and secure current pricing for all bulk materials and special items indicated for the installation. To ensure accuracy, we enter the resultant quantities into our estimating program and compare them against your documents before finalizing a proposal letter.