Jamerson & Bauwens started out inconspicuously enough, when Charles Jamerson and Howard Bauwens bought a small, residential electrical contracting firm named A. A. Studenroth back in 1974. The following year they changed the name, moved from Harvey to Skokie and started to grow. Jamerson and Bauwens were quickly able to distinguish themselves by bringing integrity and innovative solutions to notable projects and making clients happy.

In the early 80's Charles and Howard were joined by their sons, Richard and Kenneth, and Jamerson & Bauwens continued to flourish. Since then the original founders have passed on, but their legacy is still going strong under the leadership of the next generation. Opportunities continue to flow and today Jamerson & Bauwens is among the top electrical contractors in the Midwest, sought out for their experience, precision, reliability and exceptional track record.